Little Twin Stars Water Bottle Bag 水樽袋(5天內發貨)


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    產品詳情  尺寸: 8.5W x 21H cm 物料: 聚酯纖維 + PEVA內裡 夏日炎炎,自備水樽外出既消暑又環保! 水樽袋可擺放 350ml至650ml的水樽, 適合日常外出、戶外露營、行山或旅行使用。 產品特點: • 內裡為PEVA物料,具保溫/ 保冷功能 • 附可拆式肩帶,便於攜帶 • 特設單邊手挽帶,可以單手直接拿起飲用 • 開口位附有可調式索帶,固定水樽位置 安全警告: 1) 建議抹乾水樽表面的水滴才放入此袋內 2) 建議此袋只適宜表層清潔,如袋表面/內裡有污漬,可以適量溫和的清潔劑在乾布上輕擦 3) 請在成年人指導下使用。 Product Detail  Size: 8.5W x 21H cm Material: PU + Non-woven fabric Let's carry your water bottle with this bag in summer day! Great to free your hands and supply water for outdoor activities. Suitable for 350ml ~ 650ml water bottle. Feature: • PEVA lining: can keep hot item hot, and cold item cold • Detachable shoulder strap is included • Specially designed with single handle, convenient to drink directly • An adjustable strap on top of the bag to fix the bottle Safety Warning: 1) May need to dry off the water droplets on ther water bottle before put into the insulated bag 2) This bag is non washable. If get dirt on the surface or lining, use a cloth soaked with mild detergent to clean it up 3)Please use under supervision of adult.