The Runabouts Sippy Cup w/ Handle & Lock 飲管杯連手柄及安全匙扣(240ml)(5天內發貨)


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    產品詳情  尺寸: 17H x 6.8Dia cm 物料: 塑膠 (不含塑化劑 - 雙酚A及S) 飲管杯利於培養小朋友獨立飲水的好習慣,補充身體所需水份♪ 飲管採用食品級硅膠材質,柔軟易吸,附有重力球設計。 吸管的柔軟性方便重力球多方位移動,小朋友在任何角度飲水都沒有問題! 配合雙把手設計,小朋友可輕鬆抓握飲管杯。 杯蓋附有安全匙扣,防止因蓋輕易打開而漏水。 此產品已通過美國FDA食品接觸材料測試, 使用不含雙酚A及雙酚S材質製造, 樽身使用Tritan™美國進口材質,安全、耐用及無異味,孩子可安心使用。 安全警告: 請在成人指導下使用。 此容器不適宜盛載熱飲,只適宜盛載常溫水。 Product Detail  Size: 17H x 6.8Dia cm Material: Plastic (BPA & BPS Free) Good for kids to develop a good habit of drinking water♪ Soft sipper straw is made of food grade silicone material. Flexible straw tube with gravity ball, allows easy drinking. Kids can hold the sippy cup easily with the two-handle design. To prevent leakage of opening the lid accidentally, a safety lock is attached. This product is made of the Tritan™ material which is free from BPA & BPS, and complies with U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) food contact substances requirement. Safety Warning: Please use under supervision of adult. Do not recommend to fill in hot drinks and only use to contain room temperature water.