Little Twin Stars Waterproof Bag (10L) 戶外防水袋 (10L)(5天內發貨)


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    產品詳情  尺寸: 19W x 47H cm 物料: 尼龍, TPU 適用於一般水上活動或下雨天。 袋口密封後可達至內外防水。 清水沖洗,自然風乾,容易清潔。 可手挽和上肩兩用。 肩帶可調較長度,也可拆除。 附上公仔造型姓名牌。 安全警告: 不可浸沒在水中、用作淨水設備或求生用具。 不適當地使用會導致因水壓使少量水進入袋內。 請在成人指導下使用。 Product Detail  Size: 19W x 47H cm Material: Nylon, TPU Suitable for water sports or rainy days. Water resistant inside and out while the bag is sealed. Use cold water to wash and dry by airing. Easy to wash! Buckle handle and shoulder strap are available. Adjustable and detachable shoulder strap. Character-shaped name tag attached. Safety Warning: Should not submerged under water, use as a flotation device or survival appliance. Misusing can cause small amount of water entering the bag due to water pressure. Please use under supervision of adult.